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Everything we do in our lives is for the feeling .

We are driven by our emotions, by our need to avoid pain and our desire for pleasure!


Video sells feelings


Video is currently one of the most effective tools we have for triggering the emotions.

Have you ever been to a cinema to see a movie that had you on the edge of your seat feeling as if you were actually there, or watched a chick flick in the comfort of your own home wishing that the fit guy on the screen was yours? If so then you know this to be true.


Feelings lead to action

The General Public

Video is widely recognised as a powerful yet flexible addition to the tools available to the individual,where feelings may be the one thing holding you back from moving on.


It is ideal for permanently removing any long standing unwanted feelings that may be experienced whenever a specific event / memory rears its ugly head .


Conversely video is an outstanding option for creating positive proactive feelings towards something you want to be, do, or have and therefore kickstarts the forward movement in your life that you have for so long wished for.


The Sole Trader / Small Business

Video is used across the board as an advertising medium by the sole trader or small business to create potential customers

How? By triggering an emotional response in the viewer to your product or service.



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