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Video sells feelings


People buy from people that they know, like and trust therefore video is a phenomenal emotion inducing tool to introduce yourself to multiple future customers or clients in one go without having to leave the comfort of your home or your workplace.


By helping them to get to know the real you through video they immediately have a friendly face to the voice at the end of the phone.


If what you provide fills an already existing need,by identifying the pleasure they will gain from the benefits that your product/service will supply and simultaneously making them aware of the pain they will avoid, you start to generate in them the desire to buy.


A huge amount of sole traders/small businesses are realising the benefits of video testimonials.

Having visual proof that what you provide makes people happier creates a feeling of security in the mind of your potential customer and removes any possible concerns that they may have.


Feelings lead to action



Video is used across the board as an advertising medium by the sole trader or small business to create potential customers

How? By triggering an emotional response in the viewer.



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Popularity , Recognition or Public Awareness

People buy from others that they know like and trust...


Potential customers buy products or services that will make their lives easier..

Marketed effectively people will travel to find what they need.

When you satisfy a need for a customer /client they will tell others. Those others will come to you



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