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What IOVideo can do for YOU !


  • Change unwanted beliefs
  • Create better relationships
  • Develop greater confidence
  • Remove phobias, fears and anxiety
  • Adopt new empowering behaviours
  • Lose weight (and keep it off)
  • Get yourself motivated
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Overcome a traumatic past


A vast amount of well intentioned companies out there are mass producing Audio/Visual self help material that can be bought by simply entering your credit card details via your computer keyboard and PRESTO your product is on its way to you.


The only drawback with a mass production method is that the product is created for the average Mr or Ms Smith.

This is the one size fits all method of dealing with a general issue and does not cater for the individual.

It is either a hit or miss process of dealing with your version of that issue. This method does not target the way that you experience the particular issue ,your experience is specific to you!


At IOVideo a specific sequence of events takes place before the product is created to ensure that the product is

  • 100 % tailored to your needs
  • Your product is supplied on the playback media of your choosing.




Using the variety of video playback hardware available to the individual, you can carry your own personalised product around with you on your :







to use anywhere, creating change at a time and speed suitable to your commitments.




Video sells feelings







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Dramatic improvements can be achieved with personalised video



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