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Personalised Audio


If Video sells (creates) feelings, does audio? YES !


Audio is also one of the most effective tools we have for reinventing ourselves.



How many of us remember Simon Bates on radio 1 with "our tune"?


It was hugely successful because the producers of the show knew that...


When we focus our attention on a favourite song, it calls to mind the moment in time from our memory.







The basics

Our personality (sometimes refered to as our Self-Image)

resides in our subconscious mind and houses our memories.


Each memory contains information about an event from our past,

plus the feeling we experienced at that time.Our memories were originally stored and continue to be added to through repetition and/or emotional charge (powerful feelings).


When the same music, sound or voice is heard, the stored memory tells us exactly how to feel because the specific feeling that was stored with it is activated and courses through our body.

The triggered memory becomes OUR experience and we feel the pleasure in the here and now even though it may have been a memory from years ago.





Feelings lead to action



The Power of emotions

The feelings we have about something will either drive us towards it or away from it

and therefore audio can also be used to promote inner growth.

By impregnating useful new habitual thinking with good feelings,

you become inspired to move into action.







Therefore it makes sense that if memory is:



  1. Accessed because we hear music, sound or voice that has previously been stored and then that memory recreates in us the relavent stored feeling.
  2. Stored using any information that we hear, with constant spaced repetition with emotional charge, therefore creating a new memory and consequently a new feeling.


An audio product tailored to your specific needs is obviously a useful tool to use when creating changes in your train of thought, your actions and as a knock-on effect your life.












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Dramatic improvements can be achieved with personalised audio



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